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The Monetary Metals® Diversified Gold Income Note offering is a private placement. The note is priced in gold, keeps 100% of its principal denominated in gold, and pays interest in gold.

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All terms and conditions are indicative and will be confirmed until the Issue Date.

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The Note Investment Manager is Gefion Capital AG, a FINMA licensed member of OSFIN based in Zürich Switzerland. The note issuer is PSI Concepts SA, based in Luxembourg.

Terms and Conditions

Structure  Luxembourg Bearer Bond
Issuer  PSI Concepts SA acting in respect of its Compartment; Gold XAU
Sponsor  Gefion Capital AG
Reference Asset  Diversified Borrowers from Monetary Metals Gold Yield Marketplace™
ISIN  CH1108677969
Valoren  110867796
Min. Investment  50 Ounces (or USD equivalent)
Base Currency  XAU (one gold ounce)
Target return  Net IRR 6-8% p.a. (on gold in gold)
Term  5 years + 2 extension options
Liquidity  Quarterly on a best efforts basis
Administration fee  0.30%
Management fee  0.90%
Performance fee  None
Secondary Market Fee  0.50 % minimum (1% in first 12 months)

Terms and conditions

Gefion Capital AG is responsible for the portfolio management on behalf of the Note.

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Subscription Period Until:
15:00 CET Friday 26th January 2024

The Note is issued from our Luxembourg partner PSI Concepts and is only suitable for non-US Professional and Institutional clients in accordance with the FinSA definitions.

In addition to participating in the Monetary Metals individual transaction investment team, Gefion works to spread risk across the Note portfolio and maintain even liquidity throughout the calendar year.

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