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Monetary Metals® Diversified Gold Income Note

A clear focus for attractive inflation protected returns

Price is quoted in gold

Pays interest in gold



Investment focus

The Monetary Metals® Diversified Gold Income Note offering is a private placement, whose price is quoted in gold, which keeps 100% of its principal denominated in gold, and pays interest in gold.

It earns this return by leasing and lending gold to a portfolio of gold-related businesses, via the Monetary Metals Gold Yield Marketplace™.

The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) holds the gold collateral backing the gold note. There is no financial leverage on the SPV, returns are derived from credit risk and liquidity premia.

A clear focus for attractive inflation protected returns

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The Note turns your gold allocation into a productive asset.

Investors always have 100% exposure to gold (i.e. not dollarized). The yield magnifies the diversification benefit from a straight gold allocation.

The Note provides Gold holder with the option of a term deposit. The physical gold is deployed around the world as “work in progress” whether in a refiner, bullion dealer, jewellery manufacturer or to be extracted from mining ore verified to contain gold.


Inflation protection par excellence

Monetary Metals® & Co

Founded in 2012 by Keith Weiner, Monetary Metals & Co. has established a global leasing and lending operation servicing the financing needs of gold-related businesses using physical metals.

The six-member investment team stands committed to safeguarding your investments. Monetary Metals® conducts thorough due diligence on all potential borrowers, ensuring the utmost protection for your capital. This is reflected in a solid record of more than 50 diverse metal finance transactions.



Heini Beretta

Heini Beretta has been in the financial services industry since 1998 with a focus on risk and portfolio management of complex securities and alternative strategies. Beginning with Chase Manhattan (later JPMorgan) working with exotic equity derivatives, he managed the treasury for CALFP Bank, traded equities for a privately-held hedge fund before joining the structured credit desk at Calyon.

In 2006 he joined GAM multi-manager group in London covering various trading and arbitrage strategies ranging from statistical and volatility arbitrage to distressed debt and asset backed lending. He also served as Trustee of GAM London Limited’s UK Pension Fund. Heini resides in Zurich with his wife and two children.

He is a graduate of the University of Technology in Sydney, gained the Investment Management Certificate whilst working in London and holds both Australian and Swiss citizenships.

Heini Beretta


Gefion Capital AG



Portfolio Management

Gefion Capital AG

Gefion Capital AG Is Responsible For The Portfolio Management On Behalf Of The Note.

Gefion Capital AG was founded in 2016, as an Independent Asset Management Company focusing on providing real added value for our Clients.

Gefion Capital AG is an Independent Asset Manager focusing on providing real added value for our Clients.

Gefion Capital AG is owned and managed by two Partners; each bringing more than 20 years experience within Private Banking and Asset Management.

Gefion Capital AG is a FINMA licensed, prudential supervised portfolio manager and member of OSFIN. Gefion is affiliated with the Financial Services Ombudsman (OFD).



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15:00 CET Monday 26th February 2024

The Note is issued from our Luxembourg partner PSI Concepts and is only suitable for non-US Professional and Institutional clients in accordance with the FinSA definitions.

In addition to participating in the Monetary Metals individual transaction investment team, Gefion works to spread risk across the Note portfolio and maintain even liquidity throughout the calendar year.

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